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MyMail SPAM and Virus Blocker - With over 80% of the e-mail delivered over the Internet today being SPAM mail containing solicitations, infomercials, and in some cases, offensive material, we feel it is imperative that we provide a basic service that blocks unwanted
e-mail from your inbox. It has also been shown that over 80% of viruses are delivered over the Web via e-mail and that is why we include e-mail Virus filtering as a fundamental service. We realize your time is valuable, and, after filtering through the junk mail received from the post office, who has the time to filter through a bunch of junk e-mail? We automate it for you by including MyMail with every @bright.net mailbox we provide. Yes, every mailbox comes with MyMail, both primary and secondary. At the end of the day we realize it is still your choice as to what messages are blocked if any at all. We provide easy access to your own personal MyMail Message Center for controlling your filter settings and managing any messages filtered as SPAM. If you so desire, you can turn the SPAM filter off completely.

Primary e-mail Account - The individual subscribing for the bright.net Internet Access service will receive his or her own personalized e-mail account with a full username and password. This account allows for 25 Meg of message storage space for the account holder to use at their discretion.

Four additional e-mail accounts - We realize that in each household everyone would like to have their own e-mail address. That is why we allow for the bright.net Internet Access account holder to setup four free e-mail accounts with each having five (5) Meg of storage. This allows Mom, Dad, and the kids to each have their own e-mail address.

bright.net Web Mail - Are you tired of the factory installed e-mail program on your computer locking up? Do you need to access your mail account from multiple locations and frustrated to find out that your Inbox messages have been downloaded to the local machine where you were running a computer based mail program? Well, eliminate the frustrations and use the new bright.net Web Mail service. This service is provided free of charge and it even allows you to check POP mail from other accounts that you may have set-up with free e-mail providers into a single inbox. The best part is all the messages remain on the bright.net mail server until you delete them. So no longer do you have to be concerned that it was there when I looked at home but at work I can no longer get to it. It is an amazing time saver.

BrightSite - BrightSite is a service offered free of charge to bright.net Internet Access subscribers. It will enhance your Internet experience and allow you to customize your own Web portal. No more wasting valuable time browsing from site to site. Now you will have access to everything on one page. You can customize news, local events, bookmarks, view your horoscope and much, much more.

25 Meg Personal Web Space - Do you have information you want to share with the world or just a select group of friends and family? bright.net allows primary account holders to set-up their own personal or family Web page by uploading it to the bright.net server to your own personal domain. bright.net provides classes on Web design to allow you to take advantage of this feature, as well as providing a suite of utilities that will help you in designing and uploading graphical images to your free Web space. These can easily be found on the bright.net hompage (www.bright.net) under Web Tools.

bright.net Instant Messenger - The bright.net Instant Messenger is a new, dynamic Instant Messenger (IM) client that enables users to connect to AOL®, MSN®, IRC, Yahoo!® Messenger, ICQ®, and bright IM, all in a single, simple interface. It is completely FREE with no use-limits, spyware, or ads. A cool and easy way to stay in touch with their entire Internet circle of friends and family, it was created exclusively for bright.net users to stay in contact with the people that matter most. bright.net understands that not everyone feels safe chatting on other providers' Instant Messenger clients, so they took the worry out of it by creating one specifically for their users. The bright IM client accommodates the seasoned IM users, as well as the ones that are instant messaging for the very first time. It's quick, fun, and easy to use.

Pop-Up Blocker - A FREE tool that eliminates annoying ads almost everywhere on the Web. It includes a very aggressive pop-up blocker as well as an enhanced toolbar for Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Exciting Pop-Up Blocker Features:

  • Lets you know by sight and sound when a pop-up window has been blocked.

  • Simple activation-it's easy as downloading a file! Just turn it on from your browser toolbar.

A customizable list allows pop-up windows at sites where you want to view them. After installing the software from the bright.net Solution CD or BrightSite 2.0, a brief summary appears in your browser to aid the users in defining the features that are found on the toolbar. Your Internet browser will open with a new tool bar attached to it and the Pop-Up Blocker Utility Bar is automatically activated. Instantly, it will begin eliminating those annoying pop-up windows and restore your Internet browsing to the enjoyable experience it once was.

Technical Support - bright.net provides free technical support with your account. The technical support includes:

  • Free Call Center Support

  • Free Support Help e-mail

  • Free Online Tech Support Chat

You are free to call the Support Center, it is available on a live-answer basis 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, 365 days a year by technicians capable of answering multiple levels of technical support inquisitions. Your help e-mail and tech support chat is also operated 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, 365 days a year.

Enhanced Services:
NitroDial - Whether you access the Internet through a standard wireline (modem) dial-up connection or you use a wireless connection (cell phone or laptop wireless PC-card), every time you connect you are limited to the bandwidth speeds of your hardware's abilities. In wireless connections you are also limited to the available bandwidth restrictions that are common for wireless transmission. With the NitroDial Internet Accelerator you can overcome the common problems associated with hardware and bandwidth restrictions by taking advantage of a new technology that involves a highly effective combination of software and ISP network architecture.

The NitroDial technology can now allow you to increase your current connection speeds by up to 6x your current rate! No more will you have to deal with slow download speeds and the frustration of waiting for Web pages to load in your browser. Now you can take control of how you surf the Web and get much more out of your current Internet connection.

Intelligent Content Control - bright.net's Intelligent Content Control, using X-Stop, disables access to pornography and highly offensive material. Unlike the software packages that clever children can outsmart, our filtering system disables access before the offensive content even reaches your computer!

Unlike software or services that you have to purchase and install on your computer, bright.net's Intelligent Content Control is controlled on the Server-side of things (on bright.net's end). This means there are no costly fees for updating your software, there is no software to get around, and you don't have to worry about getting it installed. Intelligent Content Control is constantly being updated with the latest library or content, so you can feel safe that new sites are being added every day.

Global Access billiable by Hour or Flat Rate - Whether you are an occasional traveler or a frequent flyer, bright.net has a program that will allow you local access all across the US and in 160 other countries throughout the world. This will enable you to access the Internet without having to pay for a long-distance call.

For the occasional traveler we offer iPass, a low-cost hourly billable service which allows you to access a local Internet line from virtually anywhere.

For someone who travels often we offer Nationwide Access, which is a permanent service feature providing local dial-up access across most of North America.

Moving out of Ohio? bright.net can now go with you, saving you the hassle of trying to find a new provider or changing your e-mail account.

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