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Business sDSL

An Internet connection using sDSL technology is a cost- effective option for the medium sized business where connectivity is important, but a full T-1 connection is not required. sDSL or symmetric Digital Subscriber Line allows for both inbound and outbound traffic to travel at the same speed. sDSL allows you to take full advantage of the Internet.

One of today's hottest business issues is Internet Connectivity. Communication is vital, and e-mail makes communication with clients, remote/home offices and other business associates so much easier and faster. A dedicated connection to the Internet is considerably less expensive today because of the new DSL service offered to you by bright.net-BRT.

Traditional dedicated connections relied on T-1 connections. While these are very good, they can be expensive for a small business. They also require additional equipment at both the service provider's office and the client's location.

Today, with a sDSL connection, the set-up costs are less and the telephone company circuit is only about one-sixth the cost of the T-1. In many cases, we can offer dedicated Internet connectivity for less than the cost of the T-1 circuit.

While sDSL is very cost-effective, there are some distance restrictions. This is not an option for a business located more than three miles from downtown Findlay. You may also need additional equipment on your computer network, but before you invest big dollars in a dedicated Internet connection, talk to us about the many advantages of DSL!

Broadband or high speed Internet service virtually eliminates:

  • Extra telephone lines.
  • Line sharing with other devices such as a fax machine.
  • Busy signals.
  • Slow file downloads.

High speed Internet access does allow you to:

  • Conduct video conferencing.
  • Host your own email & web server (depending on service).
  • Access Internet data quickly.
  • Play live video & audio feeds.
  • Participate in online game activities.
  • Stay online all of the time; no time outs.

 Broadband Internet service from bright.net-BRT offers*:

  • 24/7 tech support.
  • Extra email accounts.
  • Virus scanning & email filtering for email.
  • Web mail access.
  • Personal web space.
  • Pop-up blocker.
  • Intelligent Content Control.

 *  Some of these services may incur additional charges.

Please call us at (866) 560-3557 or you can e-mail us at brtinfo@bright.net to get more information about how DSL can get you connected to the Internet and save you money.